How do you get sports mad Aussies, with absolutely no idea about the NBA, to pick a team, support it, and perhaps even have a small wager on it? This was the challenge put to us by CrownBet.






'Fanterpreter' NBA edition is a digital platform that helps Aussie sports fans figure out the NBA team they should support based on the things they love about their NRL or AFL team. The tool uses a short questionnaire with a data matching algorithm to pair up NBA and footy teams - allowing users to learn about the culture, history, fans and players of their new NBA team and place a bet on them.



We generated $15 in revenue for every $1 we spent on marketing, all completely attributable to the customers who used the Fanterpreter platform. We generated more than 20,000 bets, at a cost per bet of just $0.40. Customers who used Fanterpreter also placed (on average) 7 more NBA bets, vs those who did not use the tool.  Over the course of 12 months, this is projected to translate into $10 incremental profit for every $1 spent - with no additional spend required.